I am become determined, fuelled by some fiery desire to change, to truly improve and become something objectively significant. But to be truly better, you need to focus on the aspects of your personality you dislike. To be able to improve as a person, grow as an individual, and get closer to approaching your ideal of self, you either need to withdraw from other influence entirely and be completely solitary or to use your interactions with other people as mirrors, to understand yourself through reflections of them, i.e. Lana’s Jim, “cause I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage."

If you interact with someone, never accept incomplete interactions that aren’t completely beneficial to you, refuse stunted connections, and unless you feel that you are actively learning more about yourself through this interaction - abandon it. It is only through another’s perspective, an alien reflection that you can look at yourself truly objectively. The exploration must be intellectual, physical, and complete and if the other is not willing or interested in that, they are the wrong person for you.

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Indeed, the presence of high art in everyday life has eroded with mainstream media taking its place. Media in the form of small-screen TV shows, celebrity culture, the paparazzi media, bestselling novelists, The Juliet Society, Dan Brown, etc. We are now connected by being disconnected. Facebook is taking the place of conversations, condos the place of nightclubs, everything is being replaced. These replacements are trivial to the main change: the trade of our reality for hyperreality, true existence for a simulacrum.

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Meaning and MeaninglessnessReviewing Tim Hecker's Virgins and finding meaning in the inherent meaninglessness

The money's running out and the whoosh of the upcoming ground is getting deafening. Am I running forward or am I collapsing? Am I still getting away with my risks or is this The Great Reckoning at long last? If I was given another chance would I do anything differently?

The Void is calling and so I enter it, à la Gaspar Noé. In the town that I have spent the last three years of my life (God has it been so long?!), I still feel trapped and the music of Tim Hecker and other ambient music full of more emptiness than the ethereal. More numinous than ominous, more lonely and ethereal than New Order’s Movement, and more ill-defined than my own movement forward. Why is Icelandic and ambient music so fitting in a place that feels so empty? It’s only natural.

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Ephemerality Reviewing Nina Kraviz's eponymous' debut and exploring the numinous

Sensual, sexual, ephemeral but inescapable, Nina Kraviz has created something truly beautiful and unique and yet something that approaches a numinous experience.

The deepest of house reminds us of our most deep and intense memories and dreams and leads us on, a definite will-o-the-wisp, forcing us to trudge ever onward through the muck, to sail through the mist, a siren's call that leads us onto the rocks.

It's briskly walking through the freezing streets of Moscow at 3am, walking quickly because of the howling gale and the bitter cold, but never running because it's undignified. It's more Murmansk or Irkutsk than Moscow but the lights are of the boutique stores and the inescapable grim albeit everyday realities that contrast sharply with the dream-like opulence displayed publicly. The contrast of a drunk with a glimmering shopfront all in this mist, all while actively trying to go somewhere and being purposeful about it but not actually having anywhere to go to.

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Veckatimest, The Essential, and The DisposableReviewing Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest and a hard look at existence

Sometimes things get complicated. It's easy to lose track of what you want or need and often difficult to realize that you're not working towards those things that are so important but instead are merely occupying your time with tedious, unimportant and uninteresting things simply so that you don't feel quite so reclining. It's important to work, it's important to do what society expects of us, in order to receive what your expect from society - a career, a standard of living, and the little trinkets that make up our life: Evian water, a Prada luggage bag, Audio-Technica turntable, Bang & Olufsen earphones. These things aren't necessities in the standard meaning of the word because they are not necessary for everyone but these kinds of little extravagance are important in order to take our mind off the true emptiness of it all - a sort of Fight Club-esque indulgence where we fill our vacant apartment-cum-souls with IKEA furniture because what else is there to do? In moments of realization such as these it's important to take a step back and find something that can float you away from all of that tedium and into a parallel musical dimension where you can be free of all of those concerns. This is what that album does.

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