It is such a common human condition to feel that we are trapped but simultaneously that we are just one small hurdle away from breaking free at long last. It is the promise of that eternal tomorrow which shall be the day that we will be able to run faster, stretch out further, and finally grasp that elusive thing that we have been perpetually pursuing. All of us are fighting against the current, all trying to escape our present confines and yet, for all of our effort, we remain stuck firmly in place. It seems like there is no escape, like every minutia of our day-to-day life is just fated to be repeated endlessly like the playlist of some superlatively, unbelievably lazy DJ. I look at all the changes that I have made, but yet somehow nothing I change changes anything. At the end of every night, it is always the same feeling waiting for me, that once again there is not any grand resolution or reward, the realization that there never was. We perpetually feel that we are missing something. “I don't wanna be what I'm becoming.”

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