​I have always tried my very best to avoid being boxed into a singular definition and believe in abstaining from rigid self-definition in general. As such, I have a number of different passions and have always preferred to have multiple non-intersecting areas of interest and knowledge rather than concentrating all of my focus on just one thing. As per the old saying: "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." As such, I believe in continuing that Renaissance tradition and aiming at becoming well-rounded rather than hyper-focused. I also have a strong interest in politics and have expressed support for identitarianism. I believe in the idea that politics is downstream of culture, and have always approached it from a philosophical standpoint, and philosophy along with psychology have been my primary academic areas of pursuit.

In an interview that I gave in 2010, I stated that "cultural pursuit is likely... the most important pursuit in my life." I believe that that statement has held true and I have over the years come to desire an increasingly more profound and in-depth understanding of culture in a holistic manner. I wish to remain a part of it, if only as a meta-cultural critic, and I believe that to participate in culture means to participate in life. My most important avenue of creation has continued to be in the written medium and I continue to work on various passion projects in that area, a sample of which is featured here.

I am also deeply fascinated by music and am predominantly interested in modern genres including New Wave, post-rock, post-punk, and perhaps most prominently, modern indie music, with the latter umbrella term encompassing lo-fi, ambient, and electronic music. In addition, I have a permanent collection of EDM hidden away to be listened to and loved one day. In the past, I have also explored punk rock, Madchester, and my focus on indie music has been on-going since 2009.

Apart from that principle interest, I also enjoy other mediums of art, including the visual arts where I am most interested in classical expressionism, the Renaissance greats, all the way through to some contemporary artists such as Clyfford Still. I also have been impressed by a variety of other contemporary artists including the usual suspects like Jackson Pollock, as well as certain other artists including Rodchenko, Puni, Goncharova, Kandinsky, and Chagall.

In addition, I also have an enthusiasm for film and have seen about 2000 as of 2018. I have enjoyed film of very different styles, ranging from art-house and expressionist cinema to raunchy, albeit somehow charming, sex comedies. Therefore, I find myself in a good position to be able to evaluate films of all kind ranging from Fellini to Tarantino. My favorite actor would likely be Malcom McDowell or perhaps Cary Grant, while my favorite director is either Anderson or von Trier. A notable mention must go out to Edward D. Wood. Those who know, know.

Finally, as a writer, I naturally have an interest in literature and I have primarily focused on classics such as The Great Gatsby, Divina Commedia, The Illiad, the work of William Faulkner, and various other works and authors of high classical acclaim. My passion for literature originated with a desire to intrinsically understand the various cultural references at my parents' dinner parties during my childhood and youth. My favorite works of literature include Atlas Shrugged, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, This Side of Paradise, and Pynchon's V. Another long-standing favorite is Philip K. Dick who was influential in inspiring my subsequent interest in the I Ching. As a native Russian, I also have a strong admiration for classical Russian literature. More recently, I have begun exploring classic banned works and surrealism.