Explosions in the Sky How Strange, Innocence Review

Let’s reflect on our cluttered little lives, lives that seem devoid of purpose but that seem to be definitely headed somewhere, either around the cusp, or straight down the chasm.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, we left behind our dreams, our aspirations, our hope for something good. Our naivete and our belief that people are inherently good are there somewhere, present even still, but only as a reminder, a mocking testament to our trials and our failures.

And yet sometimes, we reach for the past and we think of the times when we hadn’t failed and we remember the times before everything had changed and before everything meant everything. That’s when we remember what is used to be like and through regret we sigh for the old times, the times we sought to abandon when they were happening.
While we grow up, we seek nothing more than to be older; but when we’re older, we just want to recapture our youth.

And the definition of youth is not the lack of wrinkles, the lack of experience and it is not the joyful abandon, it’s not the consequence free romps. It’s all that but it’s something else.

It is innocence.

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