of Montreal Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Review

This is simply the most impressed I’ve ever been with an album following a single listen and this is keeping in mind I’m stressed the fuck out and in the midst of a midlife crisis at the ripe old age of eighteen.

Although all the most important people are nineteen and our emotions are in check sometimes but sometimes they aren’t, I’ll try not to fall in love with the first cute girl I’ve met.

I’ll try and I’ll fail and then try again and escape the negligent love which has us still searching, always sober, always aching, always heading towards mass suicide, occult figurines.

Indeed, all of Elephant 6 and all the bands I’ve never heard of or have heard of but never heard but still enough to name-drop, they all have a certain similarity – which does not mean they are individually unique, but rather they are part of a certain unique brotherhood. It’s for the best.

And even as we head for the worst, our worst is still far better than other’s best and that is not something that makes me feel compassion, but rather a certain hollow self-satisfaction because just because I’m better (off) than a lot of people doesn’t necessarily mean I’m satisfied with that as I’m never truly satisfied because I never ever settle but that spells out ‘unhappiness’ in blood in the snow because never settling means never being satisfied and that leads to other things because if you’re not satisfied, you’re not happy but you are intelligent and maybe I’d rather be sober and aching than inebriated and dulled because dulled means boring and I’m never boring because I’m so multi-faceted but that also means I’m diluted.

And no one is as special as they think they are and even the most special snowflakes melt. Is love worth living for or is living worth it if we find our lover? Come on chemicals.

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